SFDA Launches Saudi Code of Ethics for Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products

   07 Rabe'a Al-Wal 1433 (H) Equal 30 Jaunary 2012 (G)

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority has launched the Saudi Code of Ethics for practicing pharmaceutical products marketing in t he Kingdom. This code of ethics is considered a moral and ethical agreement for practicing pharmaceutical and drug marketing by all drug factories and organizations working in this field and practitioners in HealthCare Sector including physicians, pharmacists in the public or private sectors. The Code of Ethics will be launched by H.E. the Chief Executive Officer of SFDA, Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Kanhal in a ceremony to be held by SFDA on Sunday 13/3/1433H ( 05/02/2012)at Riyadh Marriot Hotel at 08:00PM

Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Bawazir, Vice President for Drug Sector, stated at his part, that :”The Code of Ethics came as a result of fruitful cooperation with the National Committee for Pharmaceutical Industries, represented by the Council of Chambers of Commerce & Industries and private sector representative. Particularly, and despite of being a moral and ethical agreement for practicing pharmaceutical and drug marketing, still all organizations are required to commit to all items of the code of ethics, especially in regulation of the relationship between companies and their representatives from one hand. and practitioner physicians and pharmacists at the other hand. However, all drug companies and manufacturers are responsible for providing balanced and unbiased supply of information to healthcare providers and that all marketing activities shall be performed under the umbrella of standards and control provided in the code of ethics”
Bawazir emphasized that SFDA is looking forward to commitment of all respective parties to this code of ethics in order that the Saudi drug market and practices will set an example to be followed, and additional movement towards professionalism and moral commitment to drug marketing practices. This will be positively reflected on the level of healthcare in the Kingdom, with the joint objective of creating an environment of fair competition between pharmaceutical organization which will lead to improvement of professionalism in healthcare sector in the Kingdom.”
Moreover, SFDA Consumer Awareness Director, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Sultan, pharmacist, stated that : “ The Launch of the Code of Ethics comes in enforcement of Article 6.2.L – task #2 of the Implementation Bylaws of Pharmaceutical Products & Organizations Regulations issued by decree No. M/31 dated 1/6/1425H. The code of ethics also serves as a framework for organization of the different marketing practices, e.g., registration of pharmaceutical products,, labeling, advertisement and advertisement content, direct contact with consumers, using quotations in promotions, mail communications, samples, forums, seminars and continues health education, consultants, minutes, marketing and sales representatives and implementation provisions of the Code of Ethics.
It worth mentioning that the Saudi Drug Market is the largest in the Middle East Region both in terms of sold drug units or size of the financial market which exceeded SR 10 billion. This has triggered SFDA to undertake a quality move towards comprehensive regulation of the existing practices in the local drug market in line with the ethics of medicine and pharmacology professions.