Phase VI of The Drug Awareness Caravan Visits Mahayl Assir, Al Majardah & Ballasmar


The activities of The Drug Awareness Caravan, organized by SFDA, has recently concluded it 6th, cycle at Mahayl Assir, Al Majardah & Ballasmar hospitals.
Execution of The Drug Awareness Caravan was managed by  a number of specialized pharmacists in the field of drug awareness and public health. The purpose of the caravan was to improve the level  of drug and health awareness of the citizens  and expats in the Kingdom by reaching the targeted categories in their districts and answering their inquiries, visitors’ questions, distribution of awareness materials and achievement of additional objective of introducing SFDA and its mission to inhabitantants of the various Kingdom’s districts and cities. Also the caravan distributed forms of reporting drug side-effects, drug manufacturing quality issues in addition to explaining how to report to the national center for pharmaco vigilance and safety  at SFDA , in addition to providing drug consultations to the citizens.
It worth mentioning that Drug Awareness Caravan has visited several districts in the Kingdom namely: Huraimylah, Shaqra, Al Majma’ah, Al Kharj,  Al Dalam, Abha, Al Namas, Al Baha, Hafr-al Batin Quiysumah, Dawadmi, Quiyiah,. Muzhamiyah & Darma’.