SFDA: ‘ Recall of Vitamin D ‘One Alpha’ is Not True.


SFDA announced that the news communicated on the social media about the recall of vitamin D ‘ One Alpha’  produced by Leo company of Denmark , is not true. However,  no new issues regarding the safety of the product, when used properly, or regarding its quality mandating its recall from the Saudi market.


SFDA, represented by Pharmacovigilence & Crisis Management Executive Department  of Drug Sector, emphasized their continuous surveillance of drug safety and security in addition to direct communications with drug regulatory authorities worldwide. However, SFDA has published this subject in line with its policy of keeping the public aware of its continued  surveillance and tracking of drug safety. SFDA invites all to make sure of information accuracy when communicating information related to drugs on social media networks and refer to the official SFDA website to confirm correct news.

SFDA called the public and Health Care Professionals to report about any drug side-effects to the National Pharmacovigilance Centre through email to the following address:


Or through free mail to the following address:

The National Pharmacovigilance Centre

Saudi Food & Drug Authority

3292 Northern Ring Road- Al Nafal District

Riyadh 13312-6288

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone 012038222 Extensions: 2317. 2354

Or: 8002490000

Fax: 012057662