Drug Awareness Activities during School Mid-Term Holidays


SFDA, represented by Drug Sector, organized Drug Awareness Program “ one of the Sector’s programs”- in order to increase the public awareness of the adverse effects of using drugs. The sector continued to organize its social activities in a number of  Commercial Centers in Riyadh. The purpose of the program is to increase the public awareness, to clarify the risks of drug misuse and ignoring the instructions for drug use, in addition to introduction of SFDA’s mandate.

 SFDA is pleased to invite all to attend the drug awareness program and participate in its associated activities. The event will be held at Salam Mall , 11-13/5/1434H and Othaim Mall, 15-17/5/1434H It worth mentioning that the program and activities include a variety of shows such as theatre plays, , quiz and competitions, in addition to the Children Corner. Moreover,  Several awareness flyers will be distributed, introducing SFDA’s Mandate. Many pharmacists from Drug Sector will be available, as well, to answer the questions of the public.