SFDA Warns from using “ Tiger King” Product


SFDA would like to draw the attention of citizens and expatriates to the fact that  a non registered, non licensed herbal product called ‘Tiger King”, is being promoted as drug-free sexual booster. The product was analyzed in SFDA’s Laboratories and the results showed that it contained SILDENAFIL, with 10 mg/pill concentration. This drug is used for treatment of impotency. Whereas the components of the products are not disclosed, it should be known that it may have severe side-effects, especially for heart- disease patients; and its excessive use may lead to death. Moreover, SFDA discovered that this product is poorly manufactured and packed and is inconsistent with manufacturing quality.

Due to this faked product and non-disclosure of its components and its risks to human health, therefore, trading of this product is considered a violation to Pharmaceutical Products &Organizations Regulations, issued by the Royal Decree No. M/31dated 1/6/1425 H , and its implementation by laws. SFDA has accordingly addressed the responsible entities to ban its entry and recall  any available stocks from the market, and take the appropriate disciplinary action against anyone who, trades or markets this product.

SFDA advises consumers to refrain from using this product and not to believe in the misleading un-true alleges about the product, which may be harmful to users.