SFDA warns about (Royal Honey) Product


SFDA would like to warn all consumers about (Royal Honey) product, produced by (ETUMAX) company, which is sold and marketed by Itarat Shops and some street - vendors and unknown parties via Social Networks, wherein it is promoted as a natural product. 

Whereas analysis results of this product , conducted by SFDA laboratories, showed that (Royal Honey) product contains a pharmaceuticals substance called (TADALAFIL), which is used under doctor prescription and supervision, and claiming that it is a natural product is misleading and not true.

Therefore,  SFDA recommends that all consumers shall avoid consumption of this product and dispose of any samples they may have. However,  SFDA has addressed the respective authorities to take the necessary legal action to recall the product from the market.

SFDA also calls upon consumers to report any side effects to the National Center for Pharmacovigilence and Drug Safety to the following address:

The National Center for Pharmacovigilence and Drug Safety , Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Drug Sector 3292 Northern Ring Road, Al Nafal District, ct 6288 Riyadh 13312 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Telephone: 0112038222 Ext: 2340, 2354.2356, 5721,2340 Toll Free: 8002490000  Fax: 0112057662.

E-mail: NPC.Drug @ SFDA.gov.sa