The "SFDA" Warns Consumers against "Al Sumou Aqua" Water, Size (4 gal, 200 ml) due to Exceeding the Maximum Allowed Limit of Bromate


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) has warned about consuming "Al Sumou Aqua" Water (4 gallons and 200 ml), produced by Al- Somou Water factory in Dammam city for exceeding the maximum allowed limit of bromate.
The SFDA has collected samples of a number of bottled drinking water, which are locally produced from several batches, different production dates and sizes, to determine whether they comply with the GCC Standard Specifications No. (1025/2014- Bottled Drinking Water) which specified the maximum allowed limit of Bromate at (10ppm).
The results of laboratory analysis of ”Al Sumou Aqua” drinking water samples (4 gallons and 200 ml)  revealed that these samples exceeded the maximum allowed limits referred to above.
SFDA has taken the necessary action to force this factory to recall its products from the local markets and to stop production until it complies with the maximum allowed limits of Bromate as specified in the GCC Standard Specifications for Bottled Drinking Water, referred to above.
Therefore, The SFDA warns consumers to avoid using this water product and dispose of any stock they may have at hand.
The BROMIDE is naturally present in the water, and as a result of water exposure to disinfection and ozone-treatment, the bromide becomes a "bromate" that studies has shown to have a negative impact on health. Therefore, regulators in the world have set a bromate limits in bottled drinking water to ensure its safety.