Scieral Pocket Knife

تفاصيل المنتج
Brand Name Scieral Pocket Knife
Medical Device listing number MS00725SFDAA0021
Authorization number MDMA19010002
Manufacturer Name Alcon Grieshaber AG
Model Number bevel down bevel up/down bevel up
Manufacturer Device Identifier Number 681.21, 681.25, 681.26
Format of medical device identifier number LOT Number
GMDN 32764
Device Type Medical Device
Product Category Ophthalmic and Optical Devices
Product Description Microsurgery knives for ophthalmic surgery
intended purpose The GRIESHABER ULTRASHARP instruments are knives, which used in modern ophthalmic surgery. These instruments are sterile and designed for reuse.
Device Classification ClassI
Authorized Representative Al Amin Medical Instruments Co. Ltd.
Expiry Date 05/12/2023
Status Valid