The Saudi Food & Drug Authority initiated Drug Track and Trace System as one of its plans to contribute to the National Transformation Program 2020. This program aims to achieve the kingdom’s Vision 2030 by adopting a new technology for tracking all human registered drugs manufactured in Saudi Arabia or imported from abroad.

Drug Track and Trace System enhances Saudi Food & Drug Authority’s role in protecting society and guaranteeing the safety of all drugs by knowing their origin starting from manufacturing phase until consumption.
•  Objectives

Preventing counterfeit drugs:
-  Monitoring the full supply chain operations.
-  Guaranteeing that all sold or consumed drugs are genuine.
-  Reliable statistics about targeted medication for counterfeit.
-  Reliable statistics about source of selling counterfeit medication.
Drug availability:
-  Decrease the time consumed to provide Reliable data.
-  Easy platform for patient to know medication information via smartphones.
-  Support for the best use of products and reduce waste.
Achieving drug safety:
-  Real time stop of recalled medications or with warnings.
-  Enabling the consumer to check the safety of a drug and report any side effects.