Why the drugs should be organized?

Taking the poor quality and counterfeit drugs or others that are unsafe may lead to a treatment failure or death in some cases. Also, it bring the lack of trust felling by consumers toward  the health regulations, people who works in the medicinal field, manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and their distributors. So, establishing a national authority specialized in organizing the pharmaceutical industry to protect the public health was very essential.


Drug’s sector objectives:

The drug sector is responsible for handling some objectives that aims to protect the public health in Saudi Arabia. These objectives includes:

1-    Licensing of the manufacture, import, export, distribution, promotion and advertising of medications.

2-    Assessing the safety, efficacy and quality of medications, and issuing marketing authorization.

3-    Inspecting and surveillance of manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and dispensers of medication products.

4-    monitoring the quality and safety of marketed medications.

5-    Monitoring the adverse reactions of medications.

6-    Provide an independent information on medications to professionals and the public.

7-    Assuring the safety of cosmetic products.

8-    Build an affective relationship with the international authorities and scientific societies.

9- Enhance the society's pharmaceutical education.

10- set up the suitable rules, specifications and standers  before issuing the drug's marketing authorization in the Kingdom.

11- Monitor and follow up the marketed drug in order to observe the adverse reaction of  it  and to prevent of illegal marketing methods.

12- address the pharmaceutical and health information to both specialists and public.