Q: Is it mandatory to register cosmetic products at SFDA before import?

A: At the moment it is not mandatory to register cosmetic products before import, and SFDA is currently building up an electronic system for registration and eventually it will a condition for import, and will be announced once completed on our website.

Q: Is there a list of the companies approved to issue certificates of conformity?

A: Currently there is no list; and soon SFDA will make agreements with some companies for issuing certificates of conformity for imported cosmetic products, and will be announced duly after approval.

Q: What are the conditions related to certificates of conformity?

A: The certificate of conformity shall be issued by an accredited certification company at the country of origin and shall be attested, and the certificate shall state that the product complies with Saudi standards issued by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO).

Q: Is it possible to import products accompanied by certificate for standards other than standards issued by SASO?

A: It is not permitted to import cosmetic products unless the certificate of conformity states that the product complies with SASO standards.

Q: I wish to ensure compliance of the product’s label to what is approved by SFDA?

A: Compliance of the product label can be ensured by implementing the requirements of SASO 1953 (Cosmetic Products – The Cosmetic Product (Safety) Regulations), this and other cosmetic products related standards can be obtained from SASO website at the moment, and in the future from the SFDA website.

Q: I would like to importer products but I am not entirely certain whether it is considered cosmetic product or medicine?

A: It can be ensured that the product to be imported are cosmetic products by implementing the definition of cosmetic products of SASO 1953 (Cosmetic Products – The Cosmetic Product (Safety) Regulations), and it is possible to apply to SFDA to classify whether it requires registration as medicine or not.