In 30/11/2008, Cosmetic Department has been established under Drug Sector responsibility. The department has take in consideration the responsibility of regulation of cosmetic importation and local manufactured products.

Department Tasks:

  • Establishment of database to notify about all local imported cosmetic products, where manufacturers and importers can provide all the necessary information about their cosmetic products before they get the marketing authorization.
  • Clearance authorization of the imported cosmetic products and enforce the importers to withdraw any dangerous or unsafe product from the markets.
  • Development of standard specification for the prohibited substance that may be used in cosmetics as well as restricted substance, colors and preservatives.
  •  PMS for the cosmetic product to insure the safety of these products before they used by the consumers.
  •  Monitoring and following-up the reports of side-effects related to cosmetics with Vigilance & Crisis Management dept.
  •  Coordination with the compliance and enforcement dept. to withdraw any dangerous or unsafe cosmetic product.
  •  Coordination with the communication and awareness dept. to promote awareness of the consumers regarding to the safe use of cosmetics product.
  •  Controls advertisement of cosmetics products and to prevent any non proven medical claim for those products.
  •  Put and update the standards that regulate examination and analysis of raw material and final product.
  • Department sections:

    * Product notification section.
    * Product safety evaluation section.
    * Standard setting section.  ​