The Department of cosmetic products organized several conferences and seminars addressed to the importers, manufacturers of cosmetic products, representatives of the ministries, relevant governmental bodies and consumers in general.These symposium and conferences aimed to raise the level of communication and awareness education for all.
The department was organized a lot of seminars including three symposium at Riyadh Jeddah and Dammam about ( cosmetic products regulation)
these workshops held in the Chambers of Commerce at Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam in the presence of many bodies interested in this field, representing both governmental and private sector, professionals and those interested in this field. This workshop included displaying the international experiences in the field of cosmetic product organization and aimed to compare the system in the advanced countries for getting the benefit from their experiences to develop an integral system for the cosmetic products in the kingdom .the workshop was also included the viewpoint of the governmental ,private sectors and experts who are interested in this field and take the advantage from their experiences .
workshops aimed to work through that to get to a system combining cosmetic products safety and the interests of all parties concerned.
in the workshops a lot of problems that faced by the workers in this field was discussed and they also seek the ways to solve these problems, based on the principal of transparency which is the authority principle in dealing with all clients. Fraud issues in the cosmetic products was also discussed with the participate doctors in this work shop and they explain how danger to use these counterfeit products .