The National Drug and Poison Information Center (NDPIC) is section from the Drug sector at Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). The NDPIC aims to provide state of the art pharmaceutical information services to various consumer, including health care providers , public, and industry through all the available resources and consist with the scope of services of the Drug sector.


To be the leader national center for drug and poison information provision, with professional excellence and evidence based practices that contribute to our services. 


The mission of the NDPIC is to provide comprehensive, objective, unbiased, and evidence-base information to health-care providers for decision making and public or industry for awareness and safety, and to become one of the national and international leader center for excellence in the quality of information services, and best practice.

Goals and Objectives

The following are the main goals of the NDPIC: Drug Information Service:

1.     Create a nationwide internet based drug information service.

2.     Provide timely responses to the drug information requests from the public, healthcare professionals and policy makers.

3.     Remain current on topics of drug safety and effectiveness worldwide.

4.     Provide drug information support for the new drug approval process and drug safety issues.

5.     Participate in drug sector newsletter for healthcare professionals.

6.     Establish new SFDA database for regulated drug patient information.

7.     Review and evaluate the Saudi Arabian and GCC registered drugs package inserts.

8.     Review and evaluate the safety and the Efficacy of new drugs.

9.     Liaising with other local and international drug information centers.

10.  Participating in public health education and awareness programs.

11.  Training SFDA pharmacists in providing drug information services.

12.  Provide a rotation site for pharmacy students.  


The following are the main goals of the NDPIC: Poison Information Service:

1.     Providing immediate information on the management of all poisoning cases.

2.     Participating in public poisoning prevention educational and awareness programs.

3.     Provide comprehensive, objective expert advice service on pharmacological and toxicological problems in timely manner.

4.     Give special warnings to professional health care workers concerning specific toxic risks.

5.     Identify and evaluate the toxic risks existing in a community, and evaluating the measures taken to reduce or eliminate them.

6.     Design , produce and distribute poison information materials.

7.     Training SFDA pharmacists in providing poison information services.

8.     Provide a rotation site for pharmacy and medical students.

 Working Hours

The NDPIC services will be provided from Sunday through Thursday from 0730h-1530h. Out of working hours, all the NDPIC requests could be send through e-mail message 24 hours per day, seven day per week. Priority will be given to the requests for poison information, then to the earliest drug information questions was sent to the center from the public and health care providers. In addition, the center is planning to extend the working hours to cover the whole day (24 hrs / 7 days a week). 

 Contact Information

 Web Site:        https://dpic.sfda.gov.sa

Tell:                 19999

Fax:               00966112057627                

E.mail:              ndpic@sfda.gov.sa