"SFDA" Withdraws Several Batches of "Priorin N Capsules"

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) withdrew several batches from Bayer's "Priorin N" due to contain Bacillus Cereus bacteria, which is one of the potential causes of food poisoning.
This action took a place after consumers reported about unpleasant smell in some of the product batches. After consumer reports, the Authority carried out the necessary examinations and analyses to ensure the safety of the product.
 The examination results showed that a number of the product batches did not meet the technical standards and found it contained Bacillus Cereus bacteria, which can cause food poisoning.
The Authority advises consumers who have these batches SA103, SA104, SA106, SA099 to stop using them, noting that it has taken the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the recall of product from the markets.
The SFDA called on consumers to report any side effect or any defect in the product’s quality by SFDA call center 19999