SFDA Warns of Using 4 Keratin Hair Straightener Products, as they contain high percentage of Formaldehyde


SFDA warned of using Keratin hair straightener products as they contain high percentage of Formaldehyde, exceeding the permissible level according to GCC Standard Specifications No GSO 1943, regarding safety requirements.

SFDA stated that its concerned specialists had collected and analyzed samples of Keratin hair straightener products from the local markets to check for their safety. Analysis results revealed that 4 of these products contained high percentage of Formaldehyde, which if exceeded the concentration of 2% , as permitted by GCC standard specifications GSO1943/2009, would lead to eye irritation and respiratory system disorders including cough and breathing difficulty. However, exposure to high levels of Formaldehyde on the long run could be a potential cause of cancer.

The first product, named: Kerasystem Diamond Coca Extract, produced in Brazil with expiry date 30/07/2017

The second product is called Pasteel Keratin, produced in china with Lot number M141L1and expiry date 25/11/2019.

The third product is called keratin cure gold and honey Brazilian keratin treatment made in USA with Lot No. BC7888 and expiry date 01/06/2018.

The Fourth product is named: Acai professional smoothing solution brazilian blowout, made in USA with Lot No. K92514.

SFDA advised consumers not to use these products with the abovementioned Lot numbers and get rid of any samples they may have in hand, SFDA stressed the importance of buying products from reliable sources that could be traced, Points of sale, distribution centers and Ladies Beauty Saloons shall stop selling these products and return them to their suppliers. Also, suppliers & distributors of thes products must recall these products from the points of sale and warehouses and shall coordinate with SFDA to destroy them.

SFDA has also addressed the respective authorities in order to follow up the recall of these products from the market and ban their entry to the Kingdom.