Objectives :

To ensure the highest level of work performance in Medical Devices Sector (MDS) by applying policy and standards on the related work processes to keep the consistency of procedures ,and provide assistance to the sector’s departments to implement quality assurance requirements toward improving their services, to achieve MDS’s mission.

Responsibilities :

  1. Provide helps to the MDS’s executive departments to achieve their objectives by using quality tools.
  2. Run and arrange quality training to MDS’s employees.
  3. Sets and publishes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all core processes in cooperation with the executive department’s management and the sector head
  4. Monitors the compliance with the guidelines and SOPs by conducting internal auditing
  5. Measure and monitor the process applying deviation and implementation of corrective and preventive action plans.
  6. Communicate on a frequent basis within executive departments.
  7. Provide Helps to the MDS’s executive departments to continuously improve their process by setting recommendation.
  8. Help to improve the employees’ satisfaction.
  9. Facilitate information exchange within MDS’s executive departments and offices.