The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chairs Two Groups in the International Pharmaceutical Regulators Programme

Member states in the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) elected Saudi Arabia (represented by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority) to chair Pharmacovigilance Group, in addition to its participation as a chair of Biosimilar with U.S Food and Drug Administration.
The KSA was elected due to the SFDA positive role in Pharmacovigilance and biologic drugs.
The two groups consist of experts aiming to promote the exchange of knowledge and opportunities for cooperation in Pharmacovigilance among member States and aiming for regulatory convergence of the technical requirements of biologic products.
 Moreover, development of safe and effective regulatory framework for biologic products.
A number of international drug regulatory agencies are participating to standardize drug legislations and regulations, in addition to take advantage from international agencies experience in relevant fields.
The meeting is considered as the largest meeting in the world in the field of creation, development and review of pharmaceutical legislation.
The SFDA participated in the (ICH) for the first time with its new membership after being elected from the council.